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What percentage of learners pass their driving test with Daniel Cameron Driver Training?

When a driving instructor presents a candidate for their driving test, the examiner takes note of the instructor´s ADI number and the test result is recorded against the instructor´s name on the DVSA database.

Any driving instructor can request a report which details the performance of their candidates on driving tests. you can see mine at the top of this page.

It shows my pass rate as a percentage at the top and also details the faults that have occurred on all of my recorded driving tests for the past 12 months. Driving faults are generally referred to by most people as minors. Serious or dangerous faults are usually called majors.

I should point out that although it shows I have presented 14 people for their tests in the past year, another 7 drivers I have trained have passed their tests successfully in the same period but I wasn´t present.

This was either because I wasn´t available, or they wanted to take their own car. This can work better for some people.

So that´s a total of 21 passes.

So what does all this mean for you?

The latest figures for Irvine driving test centre (April 2023 to June 2023) show an overall pass rate of 49.9%.

But, of course, I teach people to drive in an automatic car, so it must be much easier. Right?

Well, not necessarily. The overall pass rate for candidates taking a driving test in an automatic car at Irvine driving test centre between 2022 and 2023 was 50.6%. Nationally, for the same period, it was 42.7%.

So not a huge difference between manual and automatic then.

I only present candidates for a driving test who are able to drive completely independently and safely. That´s why an average of only 1.75 learners are taken to test by me each month.

Everyone has a different learning journey depending on their varying development needs and challenges. This means that some can achieve their goal more quickly than others.

But they have all experienced a comprehensive training course and arrive at the test centre at the same level of driving and capable of passing the test.

You can check how the results of Daniel Cameron Driver Training stack up, above.

As you can see, the data clearly shows that passing a driving test isn´t about luck and driving examiners don´t have "quotas" as some people would suggest.

Also, booking a driving test not fully prepared and "giving it a go" isn´t a winning strategy.

It´s one of the reasons why around half of the people who take their driving test, fail.

Please don´t be one of them.

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