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You could pass sooner by taking automatic driving lessons in East and North Ayrshire with Daniel Cameron

Automatic Driving Lessons

Have you been thinking about taking automatic driving lessons?

Are you interested in taking automatic driving lessons in Kilmarnock?

Increasingly, learners are opting for automatic lessons as it can be easier and quicker to pick up with no clutch or gears to worry about.

More and more cars are now fitted with automatic transmission following the development of more modern technology and all new electric cars have no gears.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) between 2012 and 2017 the number of cars registered in the UK with automatic gearboxes has more than doubled, going from 506,720 to 1,016,516.

In fact the number of cars with automatic transmission has risen by 70 per cent since 2007 meaning that in 2017 40 per cent of all new cars were automatic.

It´s probably only a matter of time before autonomous cars are on our roads doing the driving for us but for now automatic cars can make the task of driving so much easier for many drivers.

If you find the clutch difficult or uncomfortable to operate for any reason, find it confusing trying to remember which gear you are or should be in or find it hard to engage the various gears while trying to drive the car along the road then an automatic could be right for you.

In a car with automatic transmission you can:

  • Forget about the clutch pedal as there isn´t one.

  • Stop worrying about which gear you´re in as it changes for you.

  • Start to drive more quickly and easily with a simple stop pedal (the brake) and a go pedal (the accelerator).

  • Stop struggling with hill starts as they´re much easier in an automatic.

  • Learn your reversing manoeuvres more easily.

  • Get on with learning and practising the really important aspects of driving such as hazard awareness, anticipating the actions of other road users and becoming safe and confident in a lower stress and enjoyable environment.

  • So if you you´d like to try driving "gearless" get in touch now.

    You may have tried some manual lessons and feel you´re not progressing as quickly as you would like, you may need to obtain a full driving licence fast without the added hours involved in getting to grips with the gears or you might just want to learn in a car in which you can drive off and feel comfortable right from the first lesson.

    Whatever the reason let me help you to pass your driving test with automatic driving lessons in Kilmarnock with less stress, less worry and more quickly than you might have imagined.

    Call, email or text me now.

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