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Intensive Driving Courses

Welcome to Daniel Cameron Driver Training | Low cost driving lessons in Ayrshire

Jodie Gibson and her partner Zoltan Moravcik came to Ayrshire together for their intensive courses.

Jodie had a provisional licence and had tried manual lessons which weren´t the right fit for her.

Zoltan already had a full licence but had driven only a few times in 10 years.

Jodie and Zoltan had arranged to pick up their first car directly after their courses, so the pressure was on!

After only 8 days of driving, Jodie passed her test at Irivne Driving Test Centre. Not only that, she passed FIRST TIME with ZERO faults. Yes, that´s right...After an 8 day intensive driving course, Jodie produced a perfect drive on the big day!

Zoltan completed his refresher course and felt much more confident despite passing his test 10 years before and hardly driving since.

Both Jodie and Zoltan now felt confident enough to travel all the way to Southampton to collect their car and drive it home to Pitlochry!

Do you want to pass your driving test as soon as possible?

Are you tired of taking weekly driving lessons and getting nowhere?

Do you find that you spend the first 20 minutes of your lessons trying to remember what you did last time?

Would you like to know that your test is booked and you are working towards passing it in a structured, organised way instead of going out each week and “Seeing what happens”?

Is there an affordable alternative?

There is now…

Based on my 14 years experience in the driver training industry I have developed a brand new intensive training course that can propel you forward to your ultimate goal…Passing that test!

Intensive courses work much more effectively for many people because the learning takes place over a much shorter period of time giving more opportunity to retain the information and practice new skills.

Welcome to Daniel Cameron Driver Training | Low cost driving lessons in Ayrshire
Christina McFadzean from Kilwinning completed a 30 hour automatic intensive driving course over 8 days and passed her test FIRST TIME with ZERO FAULTS at Irvine Driving Test Centre.

The perfect test standard drive after learning for only 8 days.

Christina says that an intensive course is definitely a great way to learn to drive.

This is clearly demonstrated by her outstanding test result!

Heather Carter (not pictured) from Edinburgh came all the way over to Ayrshire for her intensive driving course and passed her practical test at Irvine Driving Test Centre.

Compared to weekly lessons it can actually end up costing less overall to learn with an intensive course.

What’s more I can deliver this training from your home, school, college or workplace in any KA postcode without the need for you to travel or take a residential course.

The training takes place in a 2022 Ford Puma Ecoboost Mild Hybrid with automatic transmission so with no gears or clutch to worry about it´s even easier to learn to drive quickly.

So, who can benefit from an intensive driving course?

If you are short on time and need to pass quickly for work or personal reasons then this type of course can be for you. Also if you’re just fed up with repetitive, weekly lessons with no progression then an intensive course can offer you the chance to learn in a structured, positive and focused way. And with your test booked you have a defined goal at the end.

Welcome to Daniel Cameron Driver Training | Low cost driving lessons in Ayrshire

David Parker from Saltcoats had never taken a driving lesson before starting his intensive driving course with Daniel Cameron Driver Training.

After driving with me for 5 hours per day over only 8 days David passed his driving test FIRST TIME at Irvine Driving Test Centre.

David says he definitely recommends an intensive course as the easiest way to get your licence fast.

You could search online for local driving instructors and book a lesson, once a week for the next six months to a year.

You could contact one of the countless national intensive driving course providers and book a 40 hour, beginner course at a cost in excess of £2000!

They will then just contact a number of approved driving instructors, like me, to see if they can find one who is willing and able to teach you...And charge you for that service.

In fact, I have delivered courses for a number of the larger providers in the past.

Or you could just contact Daniel Cameron Driver Training direct and pay only £1500 for the same course.

Get in touch with me now to see how your dream of driving can at last become a reality and much more quickly than you thought possible!

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