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How I´m Responding To The Current Situation

We´re all happy to see that lessons have resumed but things will be a little different to how they were pre-Covid19

When you come out for your lesson your instructor will ask about your health and exposure to anyone you suspect may have symptoms of Covid19.

The car must be sanitised prior to you entering and also after each person drives the car, including your instructor.

You might want to dress a little warmer than usual too especially as winter approaches as your instructor will probably keep the windows open a little for ventilation and avoid the use of air conditioning where possible.

Face coverings must be worn throughout the lesson by both you and your instructor, something that will take a bit of getting used to.

It would also be preferred if payments can be made online rather than in cash prior to the lesson to avoid cash handling and the risks associated with this.

You won´t be able to take anyone along with you on lessons for now and your instructor won´t be able to sit in the car during your test. For more information on the changes to the driving test please check www.gov.uk.

Daniel Cameron Driver Training will be using the recommended level of PPE and sanitiser to ensure your safety during your lessons.

Although the way we learn has changed I´m sure that learning to drive can still be a fun and rewarding experience and if there is anything I can do to help reassure you then please ask.

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